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Como Zoo {MN family fun}

I’m not sure about you guys, but Saturday is the day we have the most fun.  It’s the day Brad is home with us so we try to go out and explore.  A few weeks ago we went to Como Zoo.  It’s a free zoo only about 10 minutes away from us.  When I heard there was a free zoo I was sort of indifferent about it.  There was one where we lived before and it wasn’t really anything to get excited about, but this one is awesome!

They had seals (and even had a seal show), giraffes, polar bears, lions, zebera’s, all sorts of monkey’s, pretty much all you could want. We got to the orangutan’s right at the perfect time. Baby wanted to play so he climbed all the way to  the top where Mommy was sitting and teased her for a minute, then climbed back down to bother the huge Daddy.  Abbi and the other kids LOVED it.
We went with our next door neighbors who have two girls about Abbi’s age.  It was a blast.  Have any of you Twin City locals been to check it out?  You won’t be disappointed.
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