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New York City {lovelies via pinterest}


When I go on vacation I always buy two things. 1 – a perfume or lotion so that every time I wear it, it will bring back memories of the trip and 2 – a piece of art with my destination as the subject.  I like the idea that I can buy something beautiful to remind me of my vacation that I will actually use in my home.  Since I’m spending the weekend in New York City I’ll be on the hunt for the perfect piece.  Here are three I found through Pinterest that I wouldn’t mind having.


New York Loves You from Jessica Illustration on Etsy via Prachi R on Pinterest

New York City from Voka via Robet Horvath on Pinterest


New York City Lithograph from Famille Summerbelle via Pernille Bahn on Pinterest

What is your favorite souvenir?

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