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A Board to Keep my Life on Track

I like lists.  And notes. And piles.  It’s a good system: make a list or write a note, put it in a pile.  Done.  Organized just like I like it.  But there is a problem with this system.  You’re shocked, right? It seems like a perfect plan.  But…

A lot of the lists and notes I have I need to refer back to frequently.  That creates a lot of paper shuffling and the danger of paper cuts.  I finally decided something needed to be done.  So I got right to work on a bulletin board for above my desk.

It’s not a huge change.  I was going to make it all cutesy and stuff, but I kinda got lazy.  I’m sure I’ll be adding more stuff to make it look a little bit more “me,” but it serves the purpose for now. Especially for a project that only took 5 minutes from before picture to after picture.

What’s your favorite 5 minute project?

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