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Daddy’s Dairy

A while ago Design Mom started a column on her blog about loving where you live.  I decided that’s a good idea.  In the past 4 years we have lived in 5 states and visited a few others.  We figured we would be in each place for a while and would have plenty of time to see things.  But we never got around to seeing more than the one or two main touristy things in the area.  So I’m going to join Design Mom in the quest of loving and learning about the places I live and visit.

Up the street from us there is this little hole in the wall ice cream shop.  We never thought much about it.  But then we were talking to some friends the other day and they told us we were totally missing out.  We finally decided to see what all the fuss was about at this little shop called Daddy’s Dairy.

Oh. My. Goodness you guys. If you like ice cream and you’re in the south-of-Boston area you HAVE to stop here.  They have 120 flavors of soft serve ice cream.  120!!  Take a look at the menu.


I decided on Chocolate Raspberry and it was heavenly.  It was a vanilla ice cream with raspberry jam and raspberry filled cups.  So good you guys.  This little girl really liked her Cotton Candy and ate every last drop :).


Do you have a favorite local ice cream joint?

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