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Sarah’s Salad {recipe}

When I was in high school I worked at a restaurant/banquet hall called the Lion House in downtown Salt Lake City.  I loved it because we were allowed one meal per shift and their food is delicious.  One of my favorite dishes was their signature salad.

Sarah's Salad

So, once I moved and wasn’t working there anymore, but the cravings for the salad hadn’t stopped I had to see what I could do about recreating it.  I had seen the chefs make it enough, and it’s a very simple salad, it didn’t take too many tries to get it right.  Here’s what I came up with:

Sarah’s Salad Dressing Recipe (good for about 1 head of lettuce)

1/4 cup Mayo
1/4 cup Miricle Whip
1 teas sugar
dash of salt & pepper

Combine it and spread over the top of the lettuce.  Do not  mix to coat the lettuce until ready to serve (the greens wilt quickly).  Top with bacon, swiss cheese & green onions.

So simple and sooo good.

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