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DIY Apothecary Jar Filler {an easy tutorial}

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I love apothecary jars (and who doesn’t?).  But I had one problem with them.  I hatewhen they are empty.  I can never find exactly what I want to fill them, or if I do I have had to shell out a good $100 to fill my large jar.  So they just sit empty most of the time.

Then one day at the grocery store I had a brilliant idea (and right in time for Valentines Day!).  Bags of dry white beans were on sale for 70 cents.  And I had a can of pink spray pain on a shelf at home.  So what did I do?  I DIY’d my own Apothecary Jar Filler!  And here’s how I did it in four easy steps.


1 – Gather supplies – a cardboard box (make sure all seems on the bottom are sealed so now pant can sneak out), dry beans & spray paint.

2 – Pour beans into cardboard box.

3 – Spray beans with paint, shake box.  Repeat until beans are coated.

4 – Pour beans out onto parchment paper and let dry. When dry break the beans apart (the paint will make them stick to each other a little) then pour them into the jar.

And now you’re done!  It took me four bags of beans to fill my large jar.  So what is that, $2.80?  Not too shabby, I’d say.

So what’s your favorite jar filler?

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