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A Visit to Mood & Purl Soho

Let me set the stage for a minute.  It’s 2004 and I have just started my first semester of college.  My roommate and I are spending almost every night with the guys down the hall playing poker.  One night we decide we need just need a girls night, so we lock our front door and turn on the TV.  What do we find?  A new reality show called Project Runway.  That night a weekly tradition of Girls Night (complete with eating brownies hot straight out of the pan) and an obsession with Mood Fabrics was born.  I didn’t feel my life would ever be complete until I had walked through that door.

collage pic ^^I tried to find a picture of said girls night, but this is the closest I could find :)^^

Fast forward to 2009.  I’m now married with a little one and have just discovered the blogging world.  One day I stumble upon the most cheerful, colorful & happy blog in the universe, The Purl Bee.  Then a while later I discover they have a shop too!  A real live shop.  In New York City.  The burning need to go touch the soft rainbow of yarn and felt entered my heart.

Well, last month my husband to me to NYC for our 7th anniversary.  We had no real plan.  Each of us just had a short list of places we wanted to hit.  And guess what was at the top of my list?  Bingo!

This just goes to show you that dreams do come true! (excuse the cell pictures – i refused to carry my heavy camera around the city)

Mood Fabrics

^^ I wish I had taken more pictures at Mood than I did, but there were a million people and I was on a mission.  A mission for some fabulous leather.  Which I found, along with the happiest ikat/chevron knit in the world.  I have plans to make a maxi skirt with it soon.

Purl Soho rainbows

^^ Everywhere you looked at Purl Soho there were colors. It was a serious mood boost and I couldn’t help but take pictures of it all.

Purl Soho Yarn Wall

^^ I just couldn’t get over that amazing wall of yarn. The most I know how to do with yarn is finger knit, but gosh it’s so beautiful! Someday I’ll be able to do a blanket like this one.


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