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My name is Missy and I’m a bibliophile

After I finish a good book I think about it for days and wish that there were someone else I could talk to about it. Then I saw a column that Centsational Girl does on her blog called “On the Nightstand.” What a fantastic way for me to share what I’ve been reading! So, once a month-ish (it may be more, it may be less) I’ll update you on what I’ve read and would love for you to give me your reading suggestions. How does that sound?

I admit it.  I totally judge books by their covers. But sometimes that can be a problem. You see, there are a lot of things that I don’t to read about. And I feel like there are a lot of scenes that are just totally inappropriate and unneeded. That’s why I’m such a fan of young adult fiction. I can just grab a book and it’s usually totally fine (which is totally not the case with most adult fiction).

This month I picked up 4 novels, but I’ve only been able to finish 3(ish) of them.

on the nightstand

Nobody’s Secret by Michaela MacColl – I really enjoyed this book. It’s a murder mystery based on one of Emily Dickinson’s poems. A young Emily meets a young man who never reveals his name to her, calling himself only Mr. Nobody. He then turns up dead and Emily takes it upon herself to find his killer. I love how her poems were interwoven into the story and I felt it was really well done.

Poison by Bridget Zinn – I’m about half way through this one and I’m enjoying it.  It’s about a young women (who happens to be a poison master) that tries to assassinate her best friend (who just happens to be the Princess) to save the kingdom.  But something goes wrong and she has to go into hiding.  Don’t worry, none of that is a spoiler.  It all happens before the novel even starts.  The book is about her trying to finish the job.

The Kings Rose by Alisa Libby – This is a historical fiction about Elizabeth Howard, Henry VIII of England’s fifth wife, and second to be beheaded. It starts a few weeks before their marriage and ends with her execution. I’m going to be honest. I only read the first 50 pages and the last 100. I wanted to see how they set up the story and then how they portrayed her downfall. The middle just got a little long for me. What I did read was really good though :)

Jane by April Lindner – I wasn’t sure about this one at first but I really liked it. It’s a modern retelling (which always makes me nervous – what if they ruin it!) of Jane Eyre. A young college student is orphaned, her parents leave her nothing and her siblings – who were abusive to her as children – pretty much ignore her now. So she has to drop out of school to nanny for a year or so to save to get back to school. She gets hired on to watch the 5 year old daughter of a rock star that is trying to make his big comeback but has some mysteries from his past. Like I said, I’m really enjoyed it. Just to warn you though…there is a tiny bit of language.

How about you? Read anything good lately?

*the links above are affiliate links to amazon. but as always i wouldn’t like if i didn’t feel they were worth it :)

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