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An Old Town Christmas

I live about 15 minutes from the cutest little old town center in the world – St. Charles, MO.

St. Charles is the site of the first state capital for MO, and it’s also where Lewis and Clark Expedition had it’s first and last stops before leaving and coming back into St. Louis.  Because of that they’ve preserved the buildings along Main Street and converted them into the most charming little shops in the world.  They also have the coolest Christmas tradition ever.

They begin the season the Saturday after Thanksgiving with a parade.  During the parade you get to see all 40 of the Christmas characters that they will have roaming the streets for the next few weeks.  Among them are Santa’s from different countries, The reindeer flight instructor, Mother Goose, the Ice Queen and Jack Frost and many more.  But the best part is that each character has their own “playing card” that they pass out to all the kids when you meet them!  They also have bands preforming and all sorts of great holiday things (and they redo the parade every Saturday).  It’s super fun.  Abi was only able to collect 25 of the 40 so we’ve thought about going back one night to see the lights and collect the rest, but it has been a little bit colder than Abi (or I) want to brave.

So here are our photos from the day, photo dump style.  And if you’re ever in the St. Louis area for the holidays you HAVE to check out the Christmas Traditions in St. Charles.

Lewis & Clark

^^Captains Lewis and Clark and their trusty dog Seaman.^^

Decorated Homes

^^  I love that all the shops have decorated for Christmas!  Do you all judge a house on how it will look decorated for Christmas or is that just me? :)  ^^



^^ Lewis & Clark Fife & Drum Corps // Father Christmas // Santa Lucia  //  WWI Santa ^^


^^ Christmas Angel  //  MacNicholas  //  Saint Nicholas  //  Frontier Santa  ^^



^^  Reindeer Flight Instructor //  Frontier Santa  //  Civil War Santa  ^^

meeting 2


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