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My Name is Missy & I’m a Bibliophile

Well, this month was sort of a low month for me if you’re only judging by the amount of books I read.  I went from a whopping 11 books for November to only 2 this month.  I blame it on two things: 1)  I was a little worn out after Novembers marathon reading & 2) I’ve been spending all my free time packing.


Hero by Alethea Kontis – I read another of Alethea Kontis’ books last month (Enchanted) and really enjoyed it so I thought I’d give this one a try. I really like that way she mixes up about 5 different fairy tales into one story.  It’s fun to see how she incorporates them all.  The main story line of this one is Sleeping Beauty, only the rolls are reversed – it’s a woman that has to go and rescue the prince.  And while the Prince isn’t sleeping, he’s being held captive by an evil witch.  Although I enjoyed the story of the Enchanted a little better this one was still a really fun read.

My Own Mr. Darcy by Karey White – My sister recommended this one to me and I’m so glad she did.  you know how some girls are obsessed with Mr. Darcy, and more specifically Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy?  Well the woman in this book is obsessed with the Matthew Macfadyen Mr. Darcy (from the Kiera Knightly Pride & Prejudice).  She’s convinced that she could never love a man that wasn’t like him, until her roommate forces her to go on 10 dates with the next guy to ask her out. Then, right as she’s falling for this guy, Matthew Macfdyens “twin” walks into her work one day and stares her down with his haughty superiority before he asks her to lunch. So now what is she supposed to do?  She’s finally falling for someone, but the man of her dreams is showing some interest.  I really liked this book and even finished it in one night :)

And although I only got two books in this month they were pretty good ones.  And they helped bring my year end total for 2013 to 45!  Should I try for 50 in 2014?

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  • Melanie Hansen says:

    I really liked Enchanted as well, so I’ll have to try Hero. And really, almost any Austen-esque book I’m willing to try… :) Hope you’re settling in to your temporary digs!

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