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Activity Day Girls Quilt

We wanted to do a fun little something as a gift from all the girls in Activity Days for our Bishop this Christmas.  A little quilt seemed like a fun idea.

ADG Quilt

For an activity one night I cut out some muslin squares and passed out some fabric paint and markers to the girls and let them go to town. I took the quilt home, assembled it and quilted it then passed it off to one of the other leaders to bind it.  Since the quilt was pretty small (about 44 in square) I decided to quilt it with a one inch straight stitch.  I have always loved the look but never done it myself.  I thought it would be a breeze on such a little quilt. And though it was simple to do, it took FOREVER!  But I think it turned out nice :)

ADG Quilt3

ADG Quilt2

*Please excuse all the loose threads.  I took the pictures before I had cleaned them up :)


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