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Good News Minute: Mini Mr. Harding

If you guys have been following me for awhile then you may already know that I have struggled with infertility and pregnancy loss for the past 4+ years.  If you didn’t know that I guess now you do :).  Since 2008 I have had 7 pregnancies, 1 live birth (our amazing 5 yr old Abi) and 2 failed adoptions.  You could say that the “get Abi a sibling” track has pretty much sucked.

Well, guess what?  Prayers are answered and 7 is apparently our lucky prego number.  I am currently 21 weeks with a healthy, and judging by how much he dances, happy little baby boy.  As you can imagine we are BEYOND THRILLED and can’t wait for June to get here so we can meet the little man.

And since every post needs a picture, here is a horrible phone pic from a few weeks ago :)

mini mr harding

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