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Whelp, sometimes things just don’t work out as planned

I had a great post planned for today. I was so excited so I got a start on it over a week ago (I like to try and have my posts done a week or so in advance). They were going to be the most delicious, quickest way to eat brownies ever.

“I’ll bake them in the waffle iron.” I thought. “I’ll only have to wait like what, 3 minutes until I get to enjoy the deliciousness instead of the 25ish I would normally have to wait. And I can style it so cute!”

Then this happened.


Epic disaster. It didn’t work AT ALL, like not even a little.  And it made the waffle iron so messy I still haven’t cleaned it out (don’t tell my sister…I used hers :) ).

So I kinda lost my steam.  It was the first project from a long list I had planned to work on, but I was so discouraged that I didn’t even try the rest. Hence, the radio silence the last week or so.

Well, if I’m being completely honest it also had a little to do with the fact that 2 ebooks I had reserved from the library weeks ago both became available at the same time and they only loan them for a ridiculously short period of time.  I got a little caught up in finishing them in time.

I wasn’t even going to post anything about the brownies but then I thought, “Why not?  Not everything goes according to plan but that’s no reason to hide it. Here’s a perfect opportunity to ‘be real.’”  So I let myself wallow for a bit, took a break to get lost in some good stories, regrouped then got back in there to try again.

And this sure did help too :)


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