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Crayon Bag

While I was away in Charleston & Savannah a few weeks ago an old friend, Sarah, from middle school emailed to see if I would be willing to test her first ever pattern.  Of course the answer was “YES!”.  And then I saw what the pattern was for and the answer became, “YES! YES!”.


It’s like she had read my mind.  Abi has been using a little bag about 5in x 7in to take with her to church with her coloring stuff.  Needless to say, that tiny bag didn’t hold too much and I was looking for the perfect bag to replace it.  So this awesome Crayon Bag is perfect!


The bag is the perfect for a normal sized coloring book.  And I love the little crayon pockets on the outside.  It’s such a great and simple pattern for a beginner and can easily be personalized for a boy or a girl of pretty much any age.

She now has it listed in her shop and it’s a steal of a deal.


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