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Falling Leaves Wreath

I have this square  wreath made of grape vines that I keep on my front door year round.  I usually just hang something seasonal from the top and switch it out as the year goes by.  Well, I haven’t switched it in a long time so my fun yellow paper flowers from two springs ago is still hanging from it.  But when the weather here in North Carolina was taking a bit longer than I wanted to cool down I decided that adding a little fall flair would help me feel more in the season.

finished wreath

This project was so fun and simple.  And I think it looks great!  All I need to do now is find a little bow or something for the top.  Here are the supplies you’ll need:

supplies photo

Fall colored felt – I had some left over from a previous project that I got from Benzie Designs.  Totally go with them to get your felt.  It’s the best quality wool blend I’ve ever used.
Thin gauge wire – mine is a ??? gauge
Wire snips/needle nose pliers
Leaves Punch Die from Lifestyle Crafts

First you just need to cut out all the little leaves.  These punch dies are fantastic because you can cut out multiples with just one pass.  I gave some pretty detailed instructions for that in this post so you can check that out there.

To make the fun “falling” leaves effect I just cut a strip of the wire in about a 2 foot piece. Take one end of that wire and wrap it around the end of the needle nose pliers.  Like this…

curling wire

So that you end up with something that looks like this…

curled wire

I originally tried to just stick the wire through the felt to string them, but the felt is just to nice and thick.  So I threaded the wire onto a needle and it worked like a charm!

Once you have the first leaf strung, take the pliers and wrap the wire again, but make sure you leave enough space between the first leaf and this new one.  With two leaves it will look like this…

strung leaves

Just keep stringing the leaves and twisting the wire until you’ve got it as long and as full as you want it.

leave string

Then repeat on another strand and another.  Eventually you’ll have something like this!

falling leaves

I wish I had more felt left over so that I could have made more!

And don’t forget, if you would like to purchase any of the Lifestyle Crafts products I used for this project you can use the code below for 20% off at

LSS Coupon Code

Disclosure: I am a member of the fabric team for LifeStyle Crafts/We R Memory Keepers. I receive products of my choosing in exchange for tutorials and projects shared on MissyDear. But I only share products I really love and would be using and showing you guys anyway. :)


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