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All Kids Are Artists

Did you see the cool new series that Melissa started over at her blog I Still Love You?  On the first Wednesday of every month she is hosting a “virtual gallery stroll” of kids art work.  This works out great since Abi wants to grow up and be an artist someday so our house is overflowing with masterpieces.  Now I have more of an excuse to share her work with you all :).  The series is called…


The day after preschool ended for the summer I instituted a new rule at our house.  I started restricting screen time.  If I didn’t do something she would spend all her watching tv.  She is allowed to watch for an hour in the morning (because neither of us are morning people and we need some sort of buffer from each other while we fully wake up), then another hour at lunch time and the final hour after dinner and before bed.

It has worked out really well for us so far.  We get more chores done, more books read, more games played. Most most important – more pictures drawn.  But there is a point during the day – usually right before lunch – where action needs to be taken.  We need a real “project” to do, not just a coloring book to color.

Lately she has been obsessed with the little wood things you can paint.  The ones that are only a buck at the craft store.  So a few weeks ago I bought a bunch of those and we’ve been painting one every day.

Abi horse painting

Her favorite so far has been the horse.  She even decorated the paper :).

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Spring Rainbow Flowers

Do you want to make a project that will make a kid very happy?  I mean, look at how happy this project can make a kid.

Rainbow Flowers

But before I show you how to make it I have to share with you a few things I learned.

First, I now realize why I would make a horrible Preschool/Kindergarten teacher.  My OCD just can not handle letting a little person be in charge of painting straight lines.  I had “just let her do it, just let her do it” running over and over through my mind the whole time.

And second, sometimes a 4 year old has better ideas than you.  These petals were originally going to be raindrops, but Abi kept insisting that I was wrong and that they were most definitely flower petals. And the 3 extra petals I was going to toss because they didn’t fit in the flower?  Well, they’re obviously a butterfly.  What was I thinking? :)

So onto the project.  It’s super simple.  The hardest part is controlling the OCD. Trust me..

Rainbow Flower Steps

1 – Paint:

Get a large piece of paper (i just ripped some off the roll of art paper i bought at IKEA).  Next gather your paint and a sponge brush. Then just paint a square rainbow.

2 – Cut:

On the back side of the rainbow (after it had dried, of course)  I drew some raindrop shapes.  Then I handed over the little scissors to Abi and let her go to town.  After 2 or 3 she lost interest in doing it herself so she watched me finish it up.

3 – Glue:

Next just glue the now petals onto a piece of cardstock in a flower shape.  With the extras you can make all sorts of insect life.

4 – Hang:

Finally hang your masterpiece with moms special tape for the walls washi tape.  Make sure there is a post-it note with the artists name on it somewhere nearby.  Bonus points if it’s a hot pink post-it. :)

And done!  The easiest little project to welcome Spring that you ever will find.

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1 Stamp, 3 Ways

Hey guys!  I have a great guest post today!  My sister is pretty darn amazing and inspirational for a lot (like really, a lot) of reasons.  The reason you get to witness today is her love of paper crafting – especially stamping.  I try to be as great at stamping as she is, but I fall far far short. So once a month she’s going to do a guest post and show us some cards that she’s made, techniques that she loves, products she can’t live without and all sorts of other fun stuff.  I’m super excited.  So please welcome my awesome sister, Sue.

I am a total stamp junkie. Like many others, Stampin’up! Products were my gateway drug.  Now I have an addiction to Paper Smooches, My Favorite Things, October Afternoon, and many other stamp companies that I have been exposed to.  Once I started I just couldn’t stop.  I have tried to rehabilitate myself but stamping has a hold of me.  I know that I have a problem.  :)

So how do I make the best of this situation? I make the hobby worth the money that I spend.  I decided in my own mind that if I made 5 cards from each set I purchased, I could justify the cost.  I do this by either making a set and giving it as a gift, or creating individual cards and sending them to friends and family.

Stampin’up recently came out with this lovely stamp called “Swallowtail”.  I had to have it.  “Swallowtail” is a very large stamp.  It completely fills an A2 card.  I thought that I would show this one stamp used three ways.  Here it goes.


“Butterfly Kisses” was my most simple use of the stamp.  I stamped it in Tuxedo Black Momento Ink on Whisper White Cardstock.  I stamped and then white embossed the speech bubble by Paper Smooches and hand wrote the message with a white Signo gel pen.  If other people are making a bunch of money making stamps with their own handwriting, why can’t I just use my own?  I punched out a little heart with blushing bride cardstock and used some Glossy Accents to make it shiny.  After rounding the corners I was done.  Very simple and very quick.


On “Make A Wish” I Stamped the image three times with Versa Mark Watermark Ink and embossed all three with silver embossing powder.  I wanted to add dimension so I came up with this layering idea.  I hope it suggests motion.  I used one butterfly image as the base.  I trimmed out just the wings of the second image and layered that on top, only adhering along the abdomen of the butterfly.  I cut out just the inner section of the wings on the third image, again only adhering at the inside.  After I teased the wings forward, I cut out the abdomen of one of the earlier images and popped it up on pop dots.  I really loved the result, but I felt like there was too much open space, so I added the rhinestones floating around the butterfly.  I think the sentiment “Make A Wish” is just perfect for this image, don’t you?


For my final example I went the more traditional route and stamped it out in Archival Jet Black Ink and clear embossed.  I used Copic markers to color it in.  The camera didn’t pick up the subtleties as I would have liked, but you can kind of see the graduation of color.  I didn’t want the truly blended look, but striations of color.  One thing I will do differently is to only use Momento black ink and not emboss.  With such a detailed image I found the alcohol ink from the markers became much too slick and I did not like working with that.

After coloring I outlined the butterfly with a very light blue to set it off the page, edged the paper with a black marker and wrote in the sentiment.  I left my pencil line because I thought it looked “artsy”.  Isn’t crafting fun?

Thanks Missy for letting me share!  I would love any comments or questions people want to leave.  I hope you enjoy!



Fun Canvas Kids Project

This weekend was another snowy one.  In fact, we didn’t even leave the house on Sunday.  We needed something to do.  We were going stir crazy.  So I went searching through my craft supplies and found a few things that looked fun – namely some small square canvases, acrylic paints and washi tape.

This was so fun and easy I’m not even going to do a full tutorial, just show you the pictures (that were all taken with my phone because I forgot to charge my big camera – so excuse the quality) and explain a little what we did.

For the first canvas I let Abi choose a picture that she wanted taped out with the washi tape.  She chose a heart.  Then I just let her go to town and she loved it!

Easy Kid Canvas Project 1

I had a little more of a plan for the second one.  I had seen a pin on Pinterest (I found it a while ago, before I double checked links – this one happens to be a spam link so I can’t reference it.  If anyone knows where to find it let me know!) and thought it looked like fun.  Basically you just use the tip of a pine bough to “stamp” a snowflake.  So I ran out side a picked a few pine boughs then painted the canvas blue.

Easy Kid Canvas Project 2

Then I handed Abi the boughs and some white paint and let her go.  It was a little hard for me to just let her do her thing for this one.  I wanted to go for a nice simple look, but Abi wanted to go until the whole canvas was covered in white blotches :)

So after a break to let the paint dry we got a few pictures of the finished product.

Easy Kid Canvas Project 3

All in all it made for one fun afternoon.

Time Out Bottle

Abigail was a fantastic baby.  She never cried – even when she was sick, stayed where I put her to  when I would set her down, always happy and smiling. You know, everything that a mom could hope for. I had high hopes for a wonderful, easy going life.  Until she turned 3.  Then she decided that disobeying was sorta fun and the attitude started.  Now every time I use a stern voice she just looks at me and says – in a very sassy voice, “Why are you talking to me like that mom?  Or, “You make me so mad when you talk like that!”

So, needless to say, we spend a fair amount of our day in time out.  The problem is, she doesn’t really stay there.  So, when I saw this idea on Pinterest I knew I had to try it.

Relax Bottle/Time Out Bottle by My Crazy Blessed Life

I followed the directions just like they suggested. I gathered the  supplies: a bottle, some hot water, a bottle of tacky glue and some glitter.

Then I mixed them all together and super Continue reading →

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