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Craigslist Easy Button

I’m going to think it’s pretty safe to assume that the majority of you enjoy getting a good deal.  And that everything in your home is not brand spankin new.  In fact, if you’re like me, you like having used furniture to save a few bucks while adding character to your home.  That’s why I love Craigslist so much.

But sometimes I just don’t want to deal with Craigslist.  I’m a very visual person and Pinterest has kind of ruined me.  I now need a picture quick link to everything.  So I hate going through Craigslist item by item to look at the pictures hoping that eventually I’ll find one that I like.  Then I found this article in my reader,

Craigslist the Easy Way by The Creative Mama

She has a few good Craigslist tips, but my favorite is the CraigsEasy Bookmarklet.  All you have to do it drag and drop the “Easy” button to you bookmark bar.


Then run a search on Craigslist for what you’re Continue reading →

Google Next

How many of you use Google Reader to keep track of all your  favorite blogs?  I do.  It makes it so fast & easy to look through all the tons of blogs I want to.  But there are a few problems with it, too.  Well, I guess only two.  First, as a blogger I know that to make any money people have to look at your actual blog, not just your posts through a reader.  And second, I want to see the cute layouts and blog designs of all the blogs.  not only are they fun to look at, but I think seeing the designs help you understand the blogger better. But I didn’t think there was any way to get the ease and speed of looking through a reader while still seeing the blogs themselves.

Then, a few days ago as I was reading through google reader I found an awesome article.

My Blogging Must Haves from Infarrantly Creative

More specifically, point number 3 on Beckie’s list of must haves – the Google Next Bookmarklet.


See that little button on the bookmark bar?  You just go to Continue reading →

Time Out Bottle

Abigail was a fantastic baby.  She never cried – even when she was sick, stayed where I put her to  when I would set her down, always happy and smiling. You know, everything that a mom could hope for. I had high hopes for a wonderful, easy going life.  Until she turned 3.  Then she decided that disobeying was sorta fun and the attitude started.  Now every time I use a stern voice she just looks at me and says – in a very sassy voice, “Why are you talking to me like that mom?  Or, “You make me so mad when you talk like that!”

So, needless to say, we spend a fair amount of our day in time out.  The problem is, she doesn’t really stay there.  So, when I saw this idea on Pinterest I knew I had to try it.

Relax Bottle/Time Out Bottle by My Crazy Blessed Life

I followed the directions just like they suggested. I gathered the  supplies: a bottle, some hot water, a bottle of tacky glue and some glitter.

Then I mixed them all together and super Continue reading →

Rick Rack Owl {See Kate Sew pattern test}

Kate at See Kate Sew let me test another one of her patterns this last weekend.  She doesn’t tell you what the pattern is of until it appears in your inbox so it’s always a fun adventure :)  I was so excited when this little owl showed up!

Isn’t it adorable!?  I love the rick-rack tummy feathers the most.

Abbi feel instantly in love and wouldn’t let go of it all day.  I had to sneak it out of the house while she was napping to get the pictures taken.  That plan worked well until she woke up and noticed it gone.  After her melt down subsided I convinced her to come out and help me take a few more pictures.

It is such a big hit I might make a few more for the nieces & nephews for Christmas :)  You can pick up the pattern here if you’d like to make a few too.  Thanks again Kate for letting test out another one of your awesome patterns!

TCC Event {I wanna go real bad}

So there is this blogging event that I have wanted to attend for a very long time.  It’s called The Creative Connection and it’s geared to craft bloggers so it’s totally relevant to what I’m interested in!  And guess what?  This year they’ve teamed up with BlogHer and will be offering so many classes on how to open, run and grow a handmade business!

Every year they hold the TCC Event in St. Paul, Minnesota so I’ve never been able to attend since I’d need to pay for flight and hotel in addition to the conference price, but this year I’m living 15 minutes away from the Hotel where it is being held!  I have to go right!?

Well, the TCC Event is holding a giveaway on their blog right now for not one, but TWO passes to the conference.  They’re even throwing in the hotel!  That is basically the best giveaway I’ve ever heard of.  If I win it I’m going to make my Uber-Talented sister, Sue, with me.  I think she needs a good crafty vacation.

So run over to the TCC Event website to enter.  Maybe I’ll see you there?

See Kate Sew Pattern Test {adorable!}

I had the most awesome opportunity to test a new pattern for Kate from See Kate Sew.  I totally love her aesthetic and everything she does so when I saw she was looking for testers I jumped on it.  Plus, I hadn’t pulled my sewing machine out of the closet for months and this was the perfect excuse :)

Introducing, the Pop-Up Pleats Camera Strap Cover!

Isn’t it so fun!  I love the box pleats.  They make it look like a super cool mandarin collar when you’re wearing it.

I was really intimidated by the box pleats at first since I have never tried them, but  they were really easy.  And Kate’spattern was super easy to follow.  It came together really fast, too (other than the part where I was an idiot and forgot to sew the two sides right sides together and had to unpick it all.  Un-picking on a knit is torture.  Believe me).

Guess what the best part is?  The back is made with a stretch knit so it won’t slide around on the strap.  How ingenious is that?

It’s so soft against your skin.  I totally love it.

K – now everybody run over to Kate’s blog and see how all the other testers did theirs and check out the pattern.  Ready…Go!

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