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Countdown Chain {grandpa’s coming!}

What do you do when you have some really fun family coming to visit and a 3 year old that won’t stop asking when they’re going to get here? You make a countdown chain, that’s what!  I’m sure that ALL of you have made one before and know what you’re doing, but here’s how we went about it.

You take some colored paper, scissors, tape and a very excited little girl.

First, you cut the paper into strips,

then you tape them into a chain,

next, you hang it on your embarrassingly plain wall with a the thermostat smack in the middle of it.

Finally, you take the extra paper strips and make “She-Ra power arm bracelets” (Abbi is obsessed with She-Ra right now and immediately pointed out that She-Ra had bracelets just like them :) ).

Now you’re done! Just sit down and wait for Grandpa, Grandma and Emily get here!

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