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Rainbow Sun Rays Wall Hanger

Hey!  It’s been awhile hasn’t it?  I honestly do have a good reason for not being around lately, and he’s one handsome devil.


Meet Mr. Isaac.  He joined the family one month ago on May 28th weighing in at 8 lb 12 oz and 22 inches long.  He made a pretty dramatic entrance in 2 hours from first contraction to birth.  It was quite the experience :). He is amazing, but sure loves to be held and cuddled.  I’m definitely not complaining, though it does make it hard to get anything done around here :).

One lucky morning I finally got him to stay asleep in his swing for a nap (hallelujah!) so I seized the moment and made a little wall hanging I have had in mind for the kids room for awhile now.

wall hanging 4

I know that I normally make a tutorial of things like this, but I was on such a crafting high I totally spaced taking pictures while in process. I thought that I might make another and take pictures of that one, but I haven’t had the chance to craft again and I really wanted to share.  I’ll just try to explain it as best I can.

wall hanging 3

Felt sheets
Felt Balls
Thread or embroidery floss
Sun & Clouds Die (from Lifestyle Crafts)
Hot Glue and Gun

1 – Cut out 2 suns from the felt sheet.
2 – Glue the top of the sun (along the sun rays) along the edges.
3 – Stuff the main part of the sun with batting and hot glue the bottom shut.
4 – Thread a needle with the thread and tie a knot at the end.  Sew through the felt balls and position them along the thread.  There is no need to tie them or knot them at their location on the thread; they should stay in place.
5 – Sew the string of balls onto the bottom of the sun and repeat.
6 – Finally, add some string to the top for a hanger.

And you’re done!

Wall hanging 1

It really is so easy.  I hope that the steps were easy to understand and complete.

Remember that if you want to purchase your own Sun & Clouds Die to try out this project on your own (or anything else from Lifestyle Crafts or We R Memory Keepers through for that matter) you can use my code for 20% off your purchase.

LSS Coupon Code

Disclosure: I am a member of the fabric team for LifeStyle Crafts/We R Memory Keepers. I receive products of my choosing in exchange for tutorials and projects shared on MissyDear.

Spring Rainbow Flowers {re-post}

As I’m due to be having a baby any day now the next little while will have a few re-posts from the early days of my blog.  I think you’ll enjoy them if you haven’t seen them yet.  And thanks for allowing me the little break!

Do you want to make a project that will make a kid very happy?  I mean, look at how happy this project can make a kid.

Rainbow Flowers

But before I show you how to make it I have to share with you a few things I learned.

First, I now realize why I would make a horrible Preschool/Kindergarten teacher.  My OCD just can not handle letting a little person be in charge of painting straight lines.  I had “just let her do it, just let her do it” running over and over through my mind the whole time.

And second, sometimes a 4 year old has better ideas than you.  These petals were originally going to be raindrops, but Abi kept insisting that I was wrong and that they were most definitely flower petals. And the 3 extra petals I was going to toss because they didn’t fit in the flower?  Well, they’re obviously a butterfly.  What was I thinking? :)

So onto the project.  It’s super simple.  The hardest part is controlling the OCD. Trust me..

Rainbow Flower Steps

1 – Paint:

Get a large piece of paper (i just ripped some off the roll of art paper i bought at IKEA).  Next gather your paint and a sponge brush. Then just paint a square rainbow.

2 – Cut:

On the back side of the rainbow (after it had dried, of course)  I drew some raindrop shapes.  Then I handed over the little scissors to Abi and let her go to town.  After 2 or 3 she lost interest in doing it herself so she watched me finish it up.

3 – Glue:

Next just glue the now petals onto a piece of cardstock in a flower shape.  With the extras you can make all sorts of insect life.

4 – Hang:

Finally hang your masterpiece with moms special tape for the walls washi tape.  Make sure there is a post-it note with the artists name on it somewhere nearby.  Bonus points if it’s a hot pink post-it. :)

And done!  The easiest little project to welcome Spring that you ever will find.

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Lifestyle Studios Blog Hop: Fabric Gift Bag

Welcome!  I hope you’re all enjoying the little blog hop today. I love seeing all the different ways people use the different products from We R Memory Keepers, don’t you?

Mother’s Day is coming up and I was so excited to try an idea for a gift that I’ve had for a while now. This Lifestyle Studios Design Team Blog Hop seemed like the perfect chance.


I had tried out the new Gift Bag punch board with paper before.  It took a few tries to get it right, but I finally figured it out (the video I share below especially helped) and the results were so cute!  However, I wanted something a little longer lasting than a paper bag so I decided to try it out with fabric.  I tried a few different ways and here is the one that worked out the best for me.


Here are the supplies I used:

Applique interfacing
Heavy weight, single side adhesive interfacing (not pictured)
Gift Bag Punch Board
Scissors (not pictured)
Hot Glue Gun (not pictured)


First, you need to reinforce the fabric to give it some body and structure so it will stand.  Also, if you decide to use multiple fabrics you will need to applique them together.  In the pictures above you can see how I added the heavy weight interfacing to a piece of muslin and cut it down to size.  Then I appliqued the patterned fabrics to the front and used a decorative stitch on my sewing machine to make sure the edges stay down.

Once the fabric is all ready to go, it’s time to get to punching and scoring on the board.  I just followed the directions in this video and it all worked out perfectly. There were a few little adaptations I had to make, but they are super simple.

Some pointers about punching:

You are punching the bottom of the bag.  So, if your fabric has a top or bottom (like mine had) make sure you’re punching the bottom.

Also, you want the right side of the fabric facing up so that the score lines work out the best.


As for the slight modifications I had to make – the punch isn’t made for fabric so it won’t punch all the way through.  But that’s not a problem at all.  It leaves a nice little score line so that you can just cut along the lines.


And this is what you’ll end up with.  It’s just like the paper turned out and works just the same.  All I did next was clean up the edges then hot glued the bottom tabs and the side of the bag closed.


And since the reverse hole punch on the board doesn’t punch through the fabric too well, I pulled out my handy dandy crop-a-dile to add the ribbon holes to the gift bag.


Ta da!!  A perfect little gift bag for the mothers in your life.  I’m sure they’d love it full of chocolate or other yummy goodies.

Remember that if you want to purchase your own Gift Bag Punch Board or Crop-A-Dile, or anything else from Lifestyle Crafts or We R Memory Keepers through for that matter, you can use my code for 20% off your purchase.

LSS Coupon Code

And guess what’s awesome?  There’s a giveaway going on today over at the We R Memory Keepers blog.  They’re giving away one of these great Crafters Totes.  Who wouldn’t want one of those?  So run over there and try your luck at the giveaway.

Aqua Tote bag

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Disclosure: I am a member of the fabric team for LifeStyle Crafts/We R Memory Keepers. I receive products of my choosing in exchange for tutorials and projects shared on MissyDear.

Fabric Easter Basket

I had grand plans this year to design and make a great little fabric Easter basket for Abi.  And then I realized something, my brain doesn’t work while I’m pregnant.  For some reason I just could not figure out the very little and simple math involved in sewing something with a round base. So, after many frustrating and failed attempts at designing my own I found a fantastic tutorial on line and went with that one.

Easy Fabric Easter Basket with eyelets

The pattern I used is from a guest post Owen’s Olivia did for a blog called Somewhat Simple.  If you’re not already familiar with and following those blogs, you totally should be. Go ahead and check them out.  Don’t worry, I can wait.

Are you back?  Great!

So, as I was saying, I got the pattern from Nancy’s guest post HERE.  I pretty much followed it exactly, but I did make one slight change.  Instead of using a canvas fabric for the interfacing I used a pellon ultra firm stabilizer.  I did that mostly because I already had it on hand :) and I felt that the extra structure would be great for a basket that might get some heavy use out there on the hunt.

Eyeleted Fabric Easter Basket

Isn’t it darling?! But once I had it all finished up and showed it to Abi she asked, “But where are the bows?”  because obviously all Easter baskets need bows.

She told me she wanted two bows, one on each side of the handle.  So I racked my brain for a while about the easiest way to add a couple simple bows when it hit me.  I have a perfectly good Crop-A-Dile that has been sitting waiting for a great little project.  Two little eyelets on each side of the handle would be perfect for stringing some ribbon through.

Eylets on Fabric Easte rbasket

So that’s just what I did.  If you’ve never used a Crop-A-Dile before let me show you really quick how I did it.  It looks intimidating at first, but it is really really simple.  I forgot to take in process pictures this go around, so here is the process demonstrated on some scrap fabric. And please excuse the Band-Aid.  For some reason my rotary cutter decided I didn’t really need a thumb anymore.

Fabric Easter Basket DIY

1 – Gather supplies: Crop-A-Dile, your project, and eyelets
2 – First use the correctly sized hole punch on the side of the Crop-A-Dile and punch holes.
3 – Next I found it easier to set the eyelet into the hole rather than onto the Crop-A-Dile.  It was much easier to get it in just the right spot that way.
4 – Use the Crop-A-Dile to set the eyelet into the hole.
5 & 6 – Make sure that the eyelet set correctly on the front and back.
7 (not pictured) – Step back and admire your handy work before tying the ribbon through the eyelets to make your daughters requested bows.

Fabric Easter Basket with eylets

That’s it!  And the best part?  the project only took me about 2 hours (with my prego brain slowing me down and everything) so you could easily whip one of these out before the festivities this weekend.

Remember that if you wan tot purchase your own Crop-A-Dile, or anything else from Lifestyle Crafts or We R Memory Keepers through for that matter, you can use my code for 20% off your purchase.

LSS Coupon Code

And be sure to let me know if you do make one!  I would love to check it out!

Disclosure: I am a member of the fabric team for LifeStyle Crafts/We R Memory Keepers. I receive products of my choosing in exchange for tutorials and projects shared on MissyDear.

Borax Crystals

Borax Crystals with Pipe Cleaners

A few weeks ago we had our eighth snow day since Jan 1 (8!!).  It started out as a two hour delay but quickly became a day off.  At the time we were still living with my sister and all the kids were getting a little stir crazy.  So I decided we needed to so a quick little easy project with supplies we already had hanging out around the house.

Enter Borax Crystals.

For the last few weeks the kids have developed an elaborate game loosely based on Minecraft and the Greek Gods (i know…).  They have have some element and emotion that they can control.  So when I asked them if they wanted to make crystals, and before I could suggest the cutsy springy type shapes I was thinking of, they jumped on the chance to make Crystal Wands and Daggers for their game.

Borax Crystals assembly

I pulled out some pipe cleaners that I already had on hand (thank you Target Dollar Spot) and put them to work assembling their stuff.  I had to suggest modifications a few times since they were making things that would be too big to fit in the bucket of Borax solution.

Borax Crystals supplies

While they were busy building, I got to work making the solution.  It’s soo easy.  Are you ready?

3 tbsps Borax for every cup of VERY hot water.  Simple right?

Then you just stir to dissolve the powder and pour it into your chosen bucket.  Now is the kind of tricky part.  You have to hang the pipe cleaners so that they are suspended into the solution without touching anything.  We used shish kabab sticks for the beams and had to raid the scrapbook supplies for some fancy paperclips because we couldn’t find any normal ones. The paperclips became the hangers.

Borax Crystals formed

Then you move on to the boring part.  Waiting.  I let them sit about 7 hours before I even checked on them.  I thought for sure it would take over night to get the amount of crystals we wanted, but the 7 hours was all we needed.  I thought it was so cool that it even formed crystals on the surface of the solution where dust had fallen.

Borax Crystals drying

I just fished them out and set them on some paper towels to air dry for a bit.  This may have been the hardest part.  Now that they were out and being all sparkly the kids had a might hard time leaving them alone.

Borax Crystals playing

Once they got hold of them they went nuts.  They even painted their faces to get more into their characters for their game.  You do have to be careful with them because the crystals are pretty fragile but we’ve been lucky enough to escape any major catastrophes so far.

Over all I’d say it was a pretty successful snow day activity.  What are some of your favorite activities for the kids when you’re stuck inside?

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