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Valentines Heart Applique Tutorial

I’m going to be upfront and completely honest about this project. I still think it’s a great idea, but it definitely wasn’t as simple or as fast as I was expecting to be.  However, I think it still ended up pretty great :).

Valentine Applique Shirt Tutorial

And really, the premise is easy and would probably have been what I was expecting if I hadn’t chosen the die I did. It made it a little more difficult. But I’ll get to that in a minute.


Here are the supplies I used (remember, you can use the code MISSYDEAR for 20% off your orders from WeR Memory & Lifestyle Crafts):

Evolution Die Cut Machine (or any die cut machine would work as well)
Contrast Fabric
double sided Interfacing
Heart Insert Shape Die
Heart Nesting Dies

die cut

First you need to attach the interfacing to your contrasting fabric.  I didn’t want to make a trip out to the fabric store so I stopped into the thrift store and found a super cheap little red onesie that was exactly what I needed.

Now, cut out the dies.  I showed them in this picture as cutting from the interfacing side, however, I found later that cutting from the fabric worked much better.  Another tip is to remove the foam inserts from the die.

Cut out hearts

Here is one of the problems I ran into.  I think, because the hearts in the insert die are backed and not open, they didn’t  fully cut through.  So I had to go back through with an exacto knife and finish them off.  It was super tedious and time consuming, but it worked out ok in the end.

Iron On

Now, just iron the applique onto the blank shirt.  I had also planned to sew around the edge and little hearts to fully secure it on, but the spaces between them all are too little.  Hopefully the interfacing will be enough.  I may still go back later and add some stitching.  maybe some messy zig zag stitching so the narrow spaces don’t matter so much.

finished pics

And Abi seems to like it.  We went out to the yard for pictures and she just started posing.  No prompting from me, nothing. I just clicked away.  She’s just a little diva through and through :).

LSS Coupon Code

Disclosure: I am a member of the fabric team for LifeStyle Crafts/We R Memory Keepers. I receive products of my choosing in exchange for tutorials and projects shared on MissyDear.

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Pattern Testing

Since this summer I was able to act as a pattern tester for Kate at See Kate Sew.  I love testing out patterns.  It’s so fun to see what great things people are coming up with. And Kate never disappoints on either the quality or cuteness factors, that’s for sure.

The two I tested are the DayDream Ruffle Dress and the Juliet Capelet (sans hood).  You can purchase the patterns for either in her pattern shop.  Abi LOVES them, especially the capelet.  It’s been perfect for the dress up bin.

Daydream dress

^^ I used a burned out cotton for this dress so I had to fully line it.  It took a lot more time, but it was totally worth it.^^

Juliet Capelet

^^ I used a faux suede to make this little capelet.  It was originally going to be part of Abi’s Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween, but I decided at the last minute to make her a full length hooded cape when I found out it would be a little chilly and raining Halloween night.  And please excuse the pic in her pj’s.  We were feeling a little under the weather the day I had to take pictures :) ^^

Fashion Friday: Winter is Here

Well, winter finally rolled into our part of the woods over the next few days.  It is most definitely not the winter that I experienced growing up.  No endless hours of softly falling snow accumulating in giant fluffy snow banks.  Here it’s not all that impressive.  But I do have to say, at least we got something to reward us for the cold.  My least favorite thing is when it’s frigid outside, but there’s not snow around.  So in honor of our 1-3 inches here is a cute simple, out and about outfit for running errands in the winter.  And bonus: nothing is over $50!!

Winter is Here

jacket // bag // jeans // blouse // boots

Rainy Monday’s (Fashion Friday…on a Monday?)

Please forgive the schedule switch up. I have a different post planned for Friday :)

This morning was a very rainy morning. However, I failed to realize that before I ran outside, late to take my daughter to preschool. So instead of wearing this perfect for a rainy day ensemble I was wearing a holey tee shirt, yoga pants and flip flops.

This would have been so much better.


Rainy Monday
*fyi – none of those links are affiliate, nor is this a sponsored post.  i just think these clothes are cute and well suited for a rainy monday*
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