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Simple Spring Outfit {fashion friday}

The other day I took my laptop to a place in the mall for a tune-up (it’s been sooo slow lately and i couldn’t take it anymore).  They said that it would only take about 1.5 hours to get everything all cleared up.  I didn’t want to drive all the way home then have to come right back so I just wandered around the mall.

Window shopping always gets me into the outfit planning mood so here is one just for you.  It’s super simple and great for Spring.  I love it.

Simple Spring Outfit

top // jeans // sandals // necklace

I’m sewing along. Are you?

Are you itching for a fast, easy and awesome sewing project for this weekend?  Kate over at See Kate Sew is hosting a Sew Along and you still have time to jump on board!

This go around we’re all making an Envelope Clutch and you can get the free pattern HERE.  I’m almost done with mine.  I just have to add the button, but I can’t find my button foot for my machine!  Hopefully I’ll find it soon.  Here’s a little hint of what mine will look like :)


DIY Rhinestone Headband {tutorial}

About a year ago I cut my hair from about shoulder length to pixie length. I love the cut, but sometimes I feel like I need something to girly it up a little bit.  I have a few hair bows and clips, but they’re pretty big.  I didn’t have anything subtle to wear.  One day I was walking down the bead isle at the craft store and found just the thing I was looking for.  I went right home and started making the perfect pretty yet subtle headband.

DIY Rhinestone Headband by The House That Pinterest Built

Now I’m going to share the easy steps to make your own.  When I say easy I mean really really easy.

DIY Rhinestone Headband - Supplies

And you only need a few supplies:

A Headband Blank
Rhinestone Chain
A Skein of Embroidery Floss (fyi –  it’s so much easier if the skein is wrapped on a floss card)

DIY Rhinestone Headband - glue

First, you take the headband blank and hot glue the rhinestone chain on.  You may need a tough pair of scissors to snip off any extra length.

DIY Rhinestone Headband - wrap band

I guess you could just stop there and call it a day, but I wanted a little more polished look.  To get the look I was going for you start the tedious fun part of winding the floss.  I started it off by holding the end of the floss against the headband then wrapped around it to lock  it without having to tie a knot.  I wish I had taken a picture so you can see it.  Hopefully you understand what I mean.

DIY Rhinestone Headband - tie end

To tie off the end I just snipped the floss leaving a few inch tail to work with.  Then I looped the thread around the headband and tucked the end down into the loop before pulling it tight.  Just a simple knot that’s really hard to get a picture of when you only have one free hand.  I did a few of the knots, cut the extra, then dabbed a tiny bit of hot glue on to seal it so they won’t slip. (Please excuse the scratched up table top.  That’s a project for the future.)

  DIY Rhinestone Headband - finished

And you’re done!  Within the time it took me to listen to an episode of my favorite podcast I had whipped up two.  It really is so simple. I’m planning to make a few more with my 4 year old for a mommy-daughter craft night.  It’s that easy. Obviously I’ll be dealing with the hot glue so don’t worry.

DIY Rhinestone Headband - in hair

I’m super pleased with the result.  I wore one every day last week and got a compliment every time.  I love being able to tell people I made it when they ask where I got it.  And now you can too!

Make sure to send pictures if you make one too!  I would love to see!


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