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Gift Wrapping {lovelies via pinterest}

Birthday season for our extended family is coming up quickly.  This year I promised myself that I would stop giving a gift wrapped up in the shopping bag I bought it in.  Not that I was lazy with wrapping, per say, but with all the moving we have been doing all my supplies were always packed away.  But this year, all gifts I give will be beautiful.  Here are some fun wrapping ideas I found on Pinterest for some inspiration.

Tulle Wrapping from via Monica LeMaster on Pinterest

Cupcake Liner Wrapping from Reasons to Breathe via Lindsay Hunt on Pinterest

Woven Yarn Wrapping from Lion Brand via Missy Harding on Pinterest

Paint Chip Wrapping from d.Sharp Journal via Kari Hobson on Pinterest

Fabric Wrapping from Burlap & Blue via Lauren Carter on Pinterest

What’s your favorite way to wrap a gift?



S’more Please {lovelies via pinterest}



Summer nights mean camp fires.  And camp fires mean S’mores, naturally.  I’m a fan of s’mores in all forms.  Put some graham, marshmallow & chocolate all together and I’m going to love it.  And probably won’t be able to stop eating it once I start.  We don’t have a fire pit so I decided to find a few recipes that I could make.  I’ve tried this first one and it is super good.  And I’m sure the other two from Love From The Oven just as yummy, too. They sure look amazing.

S’more’s Snack Mix from Real Mom Kitchen via Me on Pinterest

S’more’s on a Stick from Love From The Oven

Stuffed Rice Crispie Treats from Love From The Oven

What’s your favorite S’mores treat?



Pretty Mani’s {lovelies via pinterest}



I’ve never really been one for painting my fingernails.  They always just end up all chipped and gross looking way too fast and I’m too change it up and fix it as often as I should.  But lately I’ve been giving it a try more often.  And Pinterest has some great inspiration, like always.


Essie Dotted from pshiiit via Jenci Rose on Pinterest


Sharpie Dots from Prima Creative via Jen Solak on Pinterest


Glitter from Lauren Conrad via Jordan Von Minden on Pinterest


Confetti from Clumsy Nails via Kari Hobson on Pinterest

What’s your favorite way to paint your nails?  Are you a classic girl or do you go for something a little funky?

TCC Event {I wanna go real bad}

So there is this blogging event that I have wanted to attend for a very long time.  It’s called The Creative Connection and it’s geared to craft bloggers so it’s totally relevant to what I’m interested in!  And guess what?  This year they’ve teamed up with BlogHer and will be offering so many classes on how to open, run and grow a handmade business!

Every year they hold the TCC Event in St. Paul, Minnesota so I’ve never been able to attend since I’d need to pay for flight and hotel in addition to the conference price, but this year I’m living 15 minutes away from the Hotel where it is being held!  I have to go right!?

Well, the TCC Event is holding a giveaway on their blog right now for not one, but TWO passes to the conference.  They’re even throwing in the hotel!  That is basically the best giveaway I’ve ever heard of.  If I win it I’m going to make my Uber-Talented sister, Sue, with me.  I think she needs a good crafty vacation.

So run over to the TCC Event website to enter.  Maybe I’ll see you there?

Little Lovelies {new blog find}

On Pinterest the other day I saw something adorable!

I was in love with everything about it.  The colors, the buttons in the centers, the fact she used felt – not paper, everything.  So I hopped over to the blog it originated from and feel in love all over again!  Let me introduce you to little lovelies… my new favorite blog.

It’s run by Allison (who has one of the cutest little boys I’ve ever seen in my life!). Her aesthetic is exactly my style.  Fun, muted colors,   and take a look at her craft room!  Yes, please!

Here are a few of her projects that I especially loved.  Make sure you go check her and all her Little Lovelies out!




Pinterest Lovelies #1

Do you guys pin?  I do and I am so addicted to it!  I always pin fun stuff I find while blog surfing, but I really indulge my addiction right before bed.  Every night I spent about 30 min to an hour looking through what everyone I follow has pinned.

Holy moly!  I don’t know what it is, but tonight is especially awesome!  Here are a few of my favorites.  I want to own/make all of these!  Aren’t they amazing?

Ruffles & Stuff via Tone on Pinterest

Ruffles & Roses via Jodie on Pinterest

Chez Larsson via Kirsten on Pinterest

roomzaar via Jamie on Pinterest
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