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Good News Minute: Mini Mr. Harding

If you guys have been following me for awhile then you may already know that I have struggled with infertility and pregnancy loss for the past 4+ years.  If you didn’t know that I guess now you do :).  Since 2008 I have had 7 pregnancies, 1 live birth (our amazing 5 yr old Abi) and 2 failed adoptions.  You could say that the “get Abi a sibling” track has pretty much sucked.

Well, guess what?  Prayers are answered and 7 is apparently our lucky prego number.  I am currently 21 weeks with a healthy, and judging by how much he dances, happy little baby boy.  As you can imagine we are BEYOND THRILLED and can’t wait for June to get here so we can meet the little man.

And since every post needs a picture, here is a horrible phone pic from a few weeks ago :)

mini mr harding

We moved…again!!

Brad and I are currently unloading the moving truck after our 10th move in the 7.5 years that we have been married.

That’s right.

10 moves

5 states

7.5 years

But with this move we’re finally going to be back near family!  We’ll be staying with my sister in the Raleigh area until we can find a place of our own.  To say that I’m excited would be a little bit of an understatement :)

So please excuse me if things are a little hit and miss for a bit.  I’ve got quite a few posts scheduled for January so you shouldn’t miss me too much ;)

we moved

An Old Town Christmas

I live about 15 minutes from the cutest little old town center in the world – St. Charles, MO.

St. Charles is the site of the first state capital for MO, and it’s also where Lewis and Clark Expedition had it’s first and last stops before leaving and coming back into St. Louis.  Because of that they’ve preserved the buildings along Main Street and converted them into the most charming little shops in the world.  They also have the coolest Christmas tradition ever.

They begin the season the Saturday after Thanksgiving with a parade.  During the parade you get to see all 40 of the Christmas characters that they will have roaming the streets for the next few weeks.  Among them are Santa’s from different countries, The reindeer flight instructor, Mother Goose, the Ice Queen and Jack Frost and many more.  But the best part is that each character has their own “playing card” that they pass out to all the kids when you meet them!  They also have bands preforming and all sorts of great holiday things (and they redo the parade every Saturday).  It’s super fun.  Abi was only able to collect 25 of the 40 so we’ve thought about going back one night to see the lights and collect the rest, but it has been a little bit colder than Abi (or I) want to brave.

So here are our photos from the day, photo dump style.  And if you’re ever in the St. Louis area for the holidays you HAVE to check out the Christmas Traditions in St. Charles.

Lewis & Clark

^^Captains Lewis and Clark and their trusty dog Seaman.^^

Decorated Homes

^^  I love that all the shops have decorated for Christmas!  Do you all judge a house on how it will look decorated for Christmas or is that just me? :)  ^^



^^ Lewis & Clark Fife & Drum Corps // Father Christmas // Santa Lucia  //  WWI Santa ^^


^^ Christmas Angel  //  MacNicholas  //  Saint Nicholas  //  Frontier Santa  ^^



^^  Reindeer Flight Instructor //  Frontier Santa  //  Civil War Santa  ^^

meeting 2


The story of a maxi skirt and dyed dress

Before we moved from Massachusetts I wanted to get our family pictures taken and I wanted them to be very “New England” looking.  So we got together with our good friends the Berry’s of Berryphoto’s and headed to the beach.

But before you can get your pictures taken you have to plan out the outfits first, right?  Well I knew I wanted a Maxi skirt and I have the perfect fabric in mind.  This great Ikat-y chevron jersey knit that I picked up from Mood while I was in NYC for our anniversary.

ikat fab

This would be my first time making a maxi skirt, but I wasn’t too worried.  The tutorials I found online didn’t seem too difficult.  I didn’t take any “in process” photos, but I used the tutorial HERE from Mad Mim and it worked out totally great!  And I love that I didn’t need to hem the bottom.  Jersey knit is the best :)

But what to do for Abi and Brad?  One day while walking through H&M I spotted a great little white dress for about $5.  It was just what I needed.  So I took it home and promptly decided that I didn’t like it white.  It had to be dyed.  I ran to the store and picked up orange, navy and red dyes.  When I was home I laid them out to see which one I would like the best.  Finally I settled on the orange, just because I thought it was fun.  And boy was I glad I did.  it was the exact color orange as in the skirt.

Abi's dress wm

As for Brad, he refused to wear that bright red color so I found him a great navy button up and white & blue plaid shorts at TJMax.  All in all I think they all work well together. What do you think?

family pictures wm

So where am I?

I know that I said that I would be back at this by now, and I really thought that I would be.  I’ve even have my editorial calendar all filled out for awhile now.

So what have I been doing instead?  Plenty of this:

and this:

and even some of this:

But mostly, I’ve been brainstorming and sewing my little patooty off.  I’ve been planning a slight shift in the Missy Dear shop.  That means lots of new products to develop and sew.  There will still be lots of the same gorgeous and high quality bows, but there will be a few new things that I’m pretty excited about.

I should be all ready for my Fall relaunch in a few weeks so be looking out for it!

That time we were NYC tourists

Last month Brad and I celebrated our seventh anniversary.  Since Abi joined the family 5 years ago we have never spent more than a night away without her.  With New York City being only a 3 hours train ride away we decided to take advantage.

I had been twice before, but both times it was for the BlogHer conference so I was a little preoccupied and didn’t really get to do much site seeing. So I was excited to really see the city for the first time with my husband. We spent a whole 4 glorious days there.

We didn’t really have a plan going into it.  There were a few of the main touristy things that we wanted to hit and a few restaurants that we had to try out (I’ll talk about those a little more next week-so good!) but no real plan.  We woke up each morning and looked at our list and decided what looked fun that day.  I highly recommend traveling like that.  There was absolutely no pressure to do anything.  It was marvelous.  We just wondered around eating and gawking at everything.  So great!

Ready for a photo dump? Please excuse the cell phone pics.  I refused to carry a big heavy camera all week.
Train Ride

^^ Train travel is my favorite way to go.  And it’s even better when I’ve got that guy sitting next to me :) ^^

Times Square

^^ We visited Times Square once on purpose and a few more times on our way to other places.  It’s pretty great fro a few minutes, but don’t hate me, I honestly think it’s over rated.   ^^

World Trade Center

^^ The World Trade Center Memorial is pretty incredible.  I remember the day of the attack vividly and to see the site is amazing. ^^

Stock X and Bridge

^^ One day as we were wondering we discovered the Stock Exchange. That part of the city is crazy cramped.  The buildings are so tall and so close together.  It’s pretty cool.  Once we realized how close we were to the water we decided to head over to Brooklyn and hit up Grimboldi’s Pizza (that’s in another post).  We made it as far as the subway station nearest the bridge.  I literally did not think I could take another step so instead of walking across we took the train. ^^

NYC Streets

^^  I loved the street vendor and corner markets.  Such pretty colors.  The old painted advertisements on the sides of the buildings were pretty awesome too. ^^

Flat Iron

^^ I wanted to see the Flat Iron Building so one day we made sure to wonder past it.  Wouldn’t it be so great to have an office in one of those rooms on the end?  We also stopped to check out the art installation across the street at Madison Square Park.  So cool. ^^

FAO Schwarz

^^  Had to stop at FAO Schwartz and get a little something for Abi.  We ended up getting her a great stuffed tiger.  I wanted to dance on the piano, but there was a line and we were too impatient. ^^

Empire State Building

^^ Brad is a lover of chick flicks (don’t tell him I told you) and one of his favorites is Sleepless in Seattle.  So of course, the Empire State Building was one of the very few “must see’s” on our list.  The views were spectacular. ^^

Central Park Visit

^^ We walked though Central Park a few times.  On our last trip through we had to stop at the castle to make sure we got a picture of it for Abi. Since she’s a princess and everything. ^^

Movie Locals

^^ I’m sure you know at least one of those places, right?  The Seinfeld one is pretty recognizable, but the one on the left?  Any guesses?  The window is what helped me.  It’s the little shop around the corner!  You’ve got Mail is Brad’s favorite movie, and one of mine too, so we had to stop by. ^^

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