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Schools out for the summer!!

Today is the last day of school for Abi.  So late in the year, right!? And the preschool gets out a week before the rest of the schools.  It’s mostly because of all the snow days we had this winter. I took the last day of school picture yesterday in front of the school. Know what’s one thing I love about New England?  This little school house has been a school house since 1854. That means its been a school 42 years longer than the state I grew up in even became a state. Wild.

abi school day

I have no idea where she comes up with these poses.  So adorable!

But now that school is over we’re getting full swing in the summer fun game.  We only have two and a half weeks left here in Boston and then we get to explore St. Louis.  So I’ve been putting together a little bucket list to make sure we can fit it all in.  We’re excited to get going on it!

Visit a Childrens Museum
Ride the Train
Visit Plymouth Rock
Explore Boston
Play in a Fountain
Visit the Zoo
Build a Bear
Picnic at the Common
Swim in the Atlantic
Visit the St. Louis Arch
Pool Day!
Get a Shave Ice

How about you guys?  Do you have any fun summer plans?

Fav Things Friday: Moving Tips

I mentioned yesterday that we’re moving in a bit.  And also as I mentioned, my house is currently filled with moving boxes.  We aren’t actually moving for a few weeks, but this move may just be a temporary one while we look for a house. So, I’m going through everything very carefully to de-junk and make sure every single box is labeled well.  I also need to make sure everything I’ll need for the next few months is with me and the things I don’t make it to storage.

I was going to type up a list of all the tips that I have gathered from my experience though my last 8 moves, but I found (via Pinterest, of course) a great post that had all the tips I had, plus fabulous pictures.

 photo 10-best-moving-tips.jpg

So go have a look at Jamielyn at I Heart Naptime‘s list of 10 Best Moving Tips.  They really are the best.  My favorite is the foam plates to separate your dishes.  It’s a life saver.

So what are your favorite moving tips?


Here’s my house!

In the 7 years of my marriage we have moved 8 times, including 4 different states.  That’s a lot of moving.  This stay in Boston was going to be a long term deal. And it has been the longest stay so far – 17 months.  But a few weeks ago my husband was on a business trip and called me with some big news.  We’re moving again – this time to St. Louis Missouri.

I had plans to share pictures of our apartment when I got it all finished (which you thing would have happened after 17 months) but I’m just not there yet.  However, since we’re moving I thought I would share the pictures of what I have done.  That way it’s at least documented right?

These are the pictures I took to list the apartment for sublease so there aren’t any good close ups or glamour shots.  I thought I would take more later and add them.  But right now the entire house house is covered in boxes.  Both filled and empty.  It’s a little bit chaotic and stressful, but I should be used to it by now right? :)

Lets start at the front door.  Well, not the exact front door because that’s only a closet and the washer/dryer, but right around the corner.


^^ This is the little hallway between the entry and the living spaces.  I started refinishing that dresser months and months ago, and I still haven’t made anymore progress on it.  I bought the stuff to finish it a few weeks ago, but once I found out we were moving I decided to wait.  I don’t want to scratch the new paint job in a moving truck.

^^ That painting is in the top 5 favorite items in our house.  It was painted by my Aunt and I was always told it was of my grandma as a child.


^^ Next up are the living areas.  I love me some Ikea bookcases and frames.  I also love a good faux bois pillow.


^^ Then, down the hallway.  The room straight ahead is Abi’s, the right is the office and the left (just past the bathroom) is the master.  That piano is another one in the top 5 best objects.  It was also my grandmas.  I wish I had taken the towel off the seat.  I have it there so that the amazing needlework seat cover she made doesn’t’ get hurt.


^^ Now we’ll move on to the office area.  one of the first things we purchased when we got into this apartment were all those bookshelves.  We got 5 of them. And I bet you can’t figure out which one is my desk :)

abi's room

^^ Then Abi’s room.  This is the room I wish I had spent more time on it.  I had such great plans for it.  The most I was able to get to was the paint the bed that I thrifted for $20, and the Ikea shelves (that was an adventure) with toy bins.  I’ll have to do a post about that little doll house under the window.  My husband made that out of a cardboard box for Abi, then they painted it together. So fun.


^^ And now we’ll just end off with the worst room in the house shall we?  The master bedroom is the one that I have done NOTHING to. I dream about new bedding.  Someday I’ll get to it.

So how was the little house tour?  I’m excited to someday get settled so I can really go at it.

We were featured!

Sorry for the continued silence (remember this announcment?), but I have a date now.  The transfer for SYTYC will be done and I’ll be back to blogging here pretty much daily on June 3rd!  I’m excited!

But I wanted to let you all know about this in the mean time.

I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the blog Small Fry.  If you’re not you should be.  Those ladies are fantastic and their boys are totally adorable.

Anyway.  Right now they are doing a week all about adoption and featuring the adoption stories of different families, couples and birth moms.  Today they featured us.  So head over (HERE) and read a little bit about our story and hope as we wait for another little to join our family.


Bitter Sweet Announcement

I made an announcement over on So You Think You’re Crafty today that will also have some effect on this here little blog.  Go ahead and click over and read it.  I’ll wait.

That’s right.  I’m selling SYTYC.


I only have a few hours a day in which to make my products for MissyDear (both on Etsy and some brick-and-mortar stores in the area), create content and write posts for this blog, and edit and post the content over there at SYTYC. Plus all the emails, phone calls and such that go along with all of that stuff.

I’ve been spreading myself too thin and it’s causing my ‘me/business’ time to spill over into my ‘mothering’ time.  That’s never what I wanted and I need to get back to what’s best for me and most especially my family.

So.  What does that mean for MissyDear?

It means that there maybe a little bit of radio silence between now and June (when the current season of SYTYC ends and I’ll be able to transfer everything to them).  I have a lot of things I need to get together and calls that need to be made for the switch so I will be spending all my ‘me/business’ time on that for the next little while.

But!  Once the switch has been made and I no longer have SYTYC on my plate I will be able to get back to the almost daily fun posts over here.

So, if it’s a little quiet here for the next little while don’t worry.  I haven’t forgotten you!  I’ll be back!

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