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Abi in Newport

*One of my favorite pictures of Abi from this past summer.  On the cliff walk in Newport, RI about 30 seconds before the most epic and embarrassing melt down EVER*

One thing that I love about Abi is how much she loves to learn and how curious she is.  But not only that, she knows how to find information if she doesn’t know the answer.

The other day she was playing with one of my old compact mirrors.  She had it open and was putting it over her eyes (big mirrored glasses style).  I asked her if she was pretending to be a bug since her “eyes” were so big.  She looked at me funny, then wandered off to her room.

A few minutes later she came back and said, “Yes mom.  I am a bug.”  Then she held up a book that she had found on her bookshelf about insects and showed me the picture of a fly.  She had wanted to make sure that she had it right before she answered me.

She does that all the time!  If she’s not totally sure about something she’ll go find a book and see if she can figure it out.  I love her.

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Just “Resting”

“Mom, will you take a picture of me resting?  You can blog it if you want.”

One thing I love about my Abi is that she still loves to cuddle and sleep.  I mean, she’ll be 5 in June and she still takes a couple naps a week.  And on the days she doesn’t nap, she’ll just cuddle up on couch with her kitty and “rest.”  A girl after my own heart.

If only I had time to just sit and rest :)

Abi resting

My name is Missy and I’m a bibliophile…

After I finish a good book I think about it for days and wish that there were someone else I could talk to about it.  Then I saw a column that Centsational Girl does on her blog called “On the Nightstand.”  What a fantastic way for me to share what I’ve been reading!  So, once a month-ish (it may be more, it may be less) I’ll update you on what I’ve read and would love for you to give me your reading suggestions. How does that sound?  I call the “column”…


My reading comes and goes and ebbs and flows sometimes.  Take now for example.  I’m definitely ebbing.  It was a different story in January. I was totally flowing.  I read seven books during January (7!).  But this month I haven’t even finished one.  But here are the two that I’m working on.

feb nightstand

Divergent by Veronica Roth –  I’m sure if you guys haven’t read this one yet, then you’ve at least heard of it.  I really liked it the first time I read it and knew my husband would too.  But he refuses to read fiction (weirdo) so I’ve started reading it to him.  We had to do the same thing with Hunger Games.  He refused to read it, but ended up really liking it after I read it out loud to him.  I gives us a good break from all the night time tv watching we normally do, too.

The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin – I’ve just started this one (i’m only a few chapters in) but I’m already loving it.  Last summer my sister and I went to The Biltmore Estates in North Carolina on a girls trip.  When we got home Sue bought this book because we were both so interested in the era and the life these people lead (was it really the way they portray it on the mansion tours?).  She really liked it so she passed it on to me over Christmas.  It is awesome.  the review on the cover says that it’s an “instant tonic” for anyone suffering Downton Abbey withdrawal.  I can’t attest to that (i’m afraid to start watching because i know my life will go down the toilet until i catch up), but it is an awesome read so far.  I recommend it.

How about you?  Read anything good lately?

*2 of the links above are affiliate links to amazon.  but as always, i wouldn’t link to them if i didn’t think they were worth it :)

DIY Apothecary Jar Filler {an easy tutorial}

tall deer

I love apothecary jars (and who doesn’t?).  But I had one problem with them.  I hatewhen they are empty.  I can never find exactly what I want to fill them, or if I do I have had to shell out a good $100 to fill my large jar.  So they just sit empty most of the time.

Then one day at the grocery store I had a brilliant idea (and right in time for Valentines Day!).  Bags of dry white beans were on sale for 70 cents.  And I had a can of pink spray pain on a shelf at home.  So what did I do?  I DIY’d my own Apothecary Jar Filler!  And here’s how I did it in four easy steps.


1 – Gather supplies – a cardboard box (make sure all seems on the bottom are sealed so now pant can sneak out), dry beans & spray paint.

2 – Pour beans into cardboard box.

3 – Spray beans with paint, shake box.  Repeat until beans are coated.

4 – Pour beans out onto parchment paper and let dry. When dry break the beans apart (the paint will make them stick to each other a little) then pour them into the jar.

And now you’re done!  It took me four bags of beans to fill my large jar.  So what is that, $2.80?  Not too shabby, I’d say.

So what’s your favorite jar filler?

Well, I meet Nemo this weekend.

We don’t have TV and I rarely listen to the radio so I didn’t even learn that a storm was headed our way until Thursday night.  My husband called to tell me that a few of his employee’s were trying to get Friday off.  We thought they were just using the storm as a poor excuse to not have to come in.

But later that afternoon I got home from picking Abi up from preschool and there was a letter on the door from our apartment complex telling us to make sure we had shovels, flashlights and enough warm clothing and blankets in the house.

Then the calls from our power company started. “As you’re aware, a major winter storm is predicted for this weekend. Make sure you have an emergency kit ready. We do not anticipate any difficulties, but it is best to have 4 days worth of non perishable food available as well as batteries and flashlights.  the best option may be a generator.”


I still wasn’t totally sold. We were just enjoying watching the beautiful little flakes fall.  However, at about 3pm my husband calls again.  ”I’ll be home early today.  The governor just signed an executive order.  No one is allowed on the roads for 24 hours starting at 4 this afternoon.”  We still thought that was a little excessive.  Compared to some of the storms we had in Northern Utah this was nothing.

So I went to bed thinking it was all a big hype.  But when I woke up I was blown away.


That is a picture of my car taken from our 2nd story window.  I swear there is a car in there.  See…


Over all I think we got a little over 2 feet of snow fall, but the drifts are what got us.  From totally covering our cars like in the picture above to drifts taller than my husband at the building where he works (he’s 6′!).  But that was about the worst for us.  We never lost power or anything like that.  It took about an hour for 2 of us to dig out the car, then my husband spent the next 5 hours helping our neighbors.

photo (3)


The complex had a snow plow working non stop through the night Friday. It was joined by two front end loaders and a little bobcat about 8am Saturday.  They didn’t stop until about 8pm and came off and on Sunday. They’re back this morning along with two dump trucks to cart off the snow; they’ve run out of room to pile it.  So. Much. Snow.

How did you other East Coasters fair?

I Am The Face

Today is a day that has a lot of personal meaning to me and my little family.  It is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day.


I’ve shared a tiny bit about why I started  my other blog, So You Think You’re Crafty, in the about page over there and in interviews and conversations I’ve had.  But I’ve never shared what lead to that discussion I had with my sister and BIL about blog stalking and starting my own.

At the time Abbi was just over a year old and sleeping all but 6 hours a day (she was a FANTASTIC napper) and I had just found out we were expecting our 2nd baby.  We were so excited and I loved having all that extra time while she slept!  I could read and sew and cook and craft and keep my house clean and get ready for the new little one.

Then my world came crashing down.  I miscarried that baby.  We were heart broken.  All of the sudden, that wonderful free time became crushing to me.  I no longer had the motivation to do anything but dwell.  Dwell on the fact that little one we wanted so much wasn’t coming.  All I could bring myself to do was blog stalk when I was alone and pretend everything was ok when people were around.

A month or so later I visited my sister and her family for a week and we started talking about all the blogs that I had discovered.  That conversation and brain storming session about what SYTYC could be like was a turning point for me.  All the sudden I had a plan and the motivation to actually DO something to work my way out of my depression.  I got right to work getting So You Think You’re Crafty up and going.

We hadn’t given up on adding to our family, but with the 3rd miscarriage came a diagnosis of “unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss.”  We realized that maybe God had another plan for blessing us with a sibling for Abbi so we started the adoption process and paperwork.  For the past 3+ years, and through two more miscarriages, we’ve been waiting.

But good news!  At this very moment my husband and I are waiting for the call to head out to Las Vegas, Nevada.  And when we come home it will be with a little sister for Abigail.

God is Good.


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