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Time Out Bottle

Abigail was a fantastic baby.  She never cried – even when she was sick, stayed where I put her to  when I would set her down, always happy and smiling. You know, everything that a mom could hope for. I had high hopes for a wonderful, easy going life.  Until she turned 3.  Then she decided that disobeying was sorta fun and the attitude started.  Now every time I use a stern voice she just looks at me and says – in a very sassy voice, “Why are you talking to me like that mom?  Or, “You make me so mad when you talk like that!”

So, needless to say, we spend a fair amount of our day in time out.  The problem is, she doesn’t really stay there.  So, when I saw this idea on Pinterest I knew I had to try it.

Relax Bottle/Time Out Bottle by My Crazy Blessed Life

I followed the directions just like they suggested. I gathered the  supplies: a bottle, some hot water, a bottle of tacky glue and some glitter.

Then I mixed them all together and super Continue reading →

Lime Chicken Fajitas

My husband is obsessed with lime chicken meals.  Every time we go to out to eat he always checks the menu for something lime-y (and then he always gets extra limes and lemons on the side).  So about a month ago while I was cruising Pinterest trying to figure out what to make for dinner I saw this recipe…

Easy, Lime Chicken Fajitas by MADE

I have made it  about 10 times in the few weeks since I discovered it.  We had it 3 times in the first week and a half. I’m not even kidding. It tastes A.MAZ.ING.  And it smells sooo good while it is cooking. And it’s so pretty.


For the record – cucumber is my new favorite fajita topping.  Just try it.  You’ll like it (Everybody is singing Yo Gabba Gabba now, right? No? Just me?).

I know everyone loves to see a shot of the final product, but I totally spaced taking one.  It’s a good thing Dana has a gorgeous picture on her blog.


Beautiful Bunting {lovelies via pinterest}

I’ve got a project in the works that I’ll show you guys in just a few days.  Part of that project involves a pretty bunting.  Aren’t bunting’s so fun?  There are so many different styles you can make them and things you can put them on.  And they’re so simple!  A prefect way to add some fun to anything. For a little inspiration for my project I ran over to Pinterest to get a few ideas.  Here are 5 of my favorite ways to use a bunting.

Party Flag Bunting Dress from April Scott Kids on Etsy

Summer Bunting Embroidery by Little Lovelies

Multicolor Flag Necklace by Scott Holiday on Etsy

Washi Tape Bunting from Poppytalk

Tissue Paper Bunting from Project Wedding

Do you have any fun projects planned that could use a little bunting to pretty it up?



Gift Wrapping {lovelies via pinterest}

Birthday season for our extended family is coming up quickly.  This year I promised myself that I would stop giving a gift wrapped up in the shopping bag I bought it in.  Not that I was lazy with wrapping, per say, but with all the moving we have been doing all my supplies were always packed away.  But this year, all gifts I give will be beautiful.  Here are some fun wrapping ideas I found on Pinterest for some inspiration.

Tulle Wrapping from via Monica LeMaster on Pinterest

Cupcake Liner Wrapping from Reasons to Breathe via Lindsay Hunt on Pinterest

Woven Yarn Wrapping from Lion Brand via Missy Harding on Pinterest

Paint Chip Wrapping from d.Sharp Journal via Kari Hobson on Pinterest

Fabric Wrapping from Burlap & Blue via Lauren Carter on Pinterest

What’s your favorite way to wrap a gift?



Mac & Cheese

My mom made some mean mac and cheese growing up.  I don’t think I even knew that you could buy it until I was 6 or 7 years old (same with jam – it was a total surprise when I found out you could just hop over to the store to buy it and didn’t have to slave for hours over a hot stove top).  She would put kalbosa sausage on the top.  Everything is better with Kalbosa. Am I right?

However, the hubby is not fan.  He thinks it’s too bland (just for the record – he’s a weirdo).  But I won’t give up.  If I see a recipe that I think might get him on the homemade-mac-and-cheese bandwagon I always give it a try.  I have yet to convert him, but I have found another great recipe to share with you all.

Macaroni & Cheese by Pioneer Woman

It has mustard in it people.  Mustard!  I love mustard!   Other than the mustard, though, it’s very similar to my moms recipe. So delicious.


I think next time I’ll try getting the best of both worlds by doing PW’s mustard with my moms kalbosa.  That, my friends, would be heavenly.

And since my picture didn’t even get close to doing the dish justice, I’ll leave you with a parting shot by the Pioneer Woman herself.



The Best Dad in the World

Father’s Day is usually pretty low key around our house.  Abbi was born on Father’s Day so  that means that her birthday is either on or very near the holiday every year.  So a cute little girl always somehow takes precedence :).

This year Abbi and I decided that we wanted to fill out this little book we found on Eighteen25 last week for dad.  Because, let’s face it, Brad is the best dad in the world, so why not putting a book about it together for him.

A Book for Dad by Eighteen25

The lovely ladies over at Eighteen25 listed the steps to put the booklet together, but they didn’t do a photo tutorial.  So, even though they explained it all very clearly I thought I’d put some photo steps together for you.

First, you need to download and print out the book pages from Eighteen25.

Then, gather your supplies: an exacto knife, a stapler,  crayons, washi tape and one of those $1 4×6 photo books.


Next, cut out a few Continue reading →

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