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Como Zoo {MN family fun}

I’m not sure about you guys, but Saturday is the day we have the most fun.  It’s the day Brad is home with us so we try to go out and explore.  A few weeks ago we went to Como Zoo.  It’s a free zoo only about 10 minutes away from us.  When I heard there was a free zoo I was sort of indifferent about it.  There was one where we lived before and it wasn’t really anything to get excited about, but this one is awesome!

They had seals (and even had a seal show), giraffes, polar bears, lions, zebera’s, all sorts of monkey’s, pretty much all you could want. We got to the orangutan’s right at the perfect time. Baby wanted to play so he climbed all the way to  the top where Mommy was sitting and teased her for a minute, then climbed back down to bother the huge Daddy.  Abbi and the other kids LOVED it.
We went with our next door neighbors who have two girls about Abbi’s age.  It was a blast.  Have any of you Twin City locals been to check it out?  You won’t be disappointed.

Little Lovelies {new blog find}

On Pinterest the other day I saw something adorable!

I was in love with everything about it.  The colors, the buttons in the centers, the fact she used felt – not paper, everything.  So I hopped over to the blog it originated from and feel in love all over again!  Let me introduce you to little lovelies… my new favorite blog.

It’s run by Allison (who has one of the cutest little boys I’ve ever seen in my life!). Her aesthetic is exactly my style.  Fun, muted colors,   and take a look at her craft room!  Yes, please!

Here are a few of her projects that I especially loved.  Make sure you go check her and all her Little Lovelies out!




Pinterest Lovelies #1

Do you guys pin?  I do and I am so addicted to it!  I always pin fun stuff I find while blog surfing, but I really indulge my addiction right before bed.  Every night I spent about 30 min to an hour looking through what everyone I follow has pinned.

Holy moly!  I don’t know what it is, but tonight is especially awesome!  Here are a few of my favorites.  I want to own/make all of these!  Aren’t they amazing?

Ruffles & Stuff via Tone on Pinterest

Ruffles & Roses via Jodie on Pinterest

Chez Larsson via Kirsten on Pinterest

roomzaar via Jamie on Pinterest

Pinterest {my new addiction}

*I origianlly posted this on SYTYC a while ago, but thought I’d share it here too before I start doing my Pinterest Lovelies Highlights*

I’m a hoarder of pretty pictures. Pictures of what I want my house to look like. Pictures of cute little knick-knacks. Pictures of clothes. Pictures of anything really as long as it’s pretty.  Here’s just one of my binders full of magazine clippings.

And I won’t even get into how many folders I have full of images on my computer.  It’s out of control guys.  And you know the worst of it?  Do I ever go back and look at any of it?  Nope.  I just throw it in a folder all messy and unorganized and forget about it.

And then I discovered Pinterst.  Who ever came up with this idea is a genius!!!  I’m sure that most of you have at least heard of it by now, but not let me show you.

See all those little boards?  They’re my inspiration boards and I love them!  Every time I see a picture of something that I love I just have to click “pin it” on my tool bar and I can stick that picture to any of my boards I want.  And guess what?  I actually do go back and look through them and use them for inspiration!  They don’t get forgotten.  And the best part? I can go look at other peoples inspiration boards and pin from them too!

There are still a few things that I haven’t gotten the hang of yet but it is so much fun!

You can follow my pins here. And if you want an invite I have a few to spare, just let me know!

Family Game Nights {Help!}

Brad and I are a game playing couple.  We don’t discriminate against any game (well, I really don’t like Monopoly or Risk so that statement is kind of a lie), especially not those awesome board games from Germany. Have you ever played Ticket to Ride? It’s awesome!


We’ve passed that love onto our daughter. She wants to play games all day long.  The problem is that she’s three.  Abbi can’t play most of our games, and letting her be on our “team” is more of a hindrance than a help.  So we went out and bought a few kid friendly games.

Now we have a new problem… I’m so tired of Candyland, Hungry Hungry Hippos and Curious George! I really need some new ideas.  What games do you guys play with your kids?

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